Anat Michaeli is a contemporary representational painter who lives and works in central Florida. She majored in Fine Arts at the New World School of the Arts and Industrial Design in Hadassah College. In 2020, after a career in advertising and state government, Anat returned to her passion for art to paint full time.

A new world opened for Anat when she attended a course in Florence Academy of Art, where she learned the techniques of the old masters. She further expanded on her new skills by studying under some of her favorite living artists.

Born in Israel to Romanian and Syrian parents, Anat’s eclectic background lends itself to a unique style which explores issues of identity, cultural geography, inclusion, society, conflict, and the unseen reality of the human experience.

Working primarily in oils and drawing on the pageantry of the Baroque and Rococo periods, Anat crafts an experience for the viewer by combining color, symbolism, and a poetic interpretation of human emotion. Through these contrived sets and its accompanying symbolism, Anat allows the viewer to both identify with, and question the narratives that play out across the canvas.

Anat’s work has been shown in the United States and abroad in group museum exhibitions and galleries.

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